This was to be the second of three planned releases of 7 inch vinyl by Useless Pieces of Shit, however the band broke up before this project could be completed. ‘It Is Written’ was recorded at the same time as the previous 7 inch record, ‘Fuck Shit Up’. Until recently this recording was trapped on a quarter inch reel to reel tape in a file cabinet. We had it but could not listen to it. Freed at last in summer of 2008 it was the inspiration for the creation of the 25th Anniversary U.P.S. Box and the start of Disillusion Music Label. We are proud to finally have it for all to listen to.


released November 28, 2012

This lineup included:
‣Slug Useless on guitar
‣Dumpy Pieces on vocals
‣Rat Shit on drums
‣Dr. Blood on bass



all rights reserved


Disillusion Music Label Seattle, Washington

Disillusion Music Label started out in 1987 as Disillusion Records. It was started by the band "Useless Pieces of Shit" to release their 7" record named 'Fuck Shit Up'. It was brought back in 2008 by Slug Useless for the release of "U.P.S.'s 25th Anniversary Special Box Set". More from bands such as; Art Vandal, the Corporate Whores, Braindead, & more. Rediscover music as it should be & will be ... more

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Track Name: It Is Written
As a dog returneth to it’s vomit
a fool returneth to his folly!
We will reach our goal when we
have the courage to laugh as we destroy!
If the Chinese marched
four abreast into the ocean
the line would never end!
More than 70% of all auto owners spend
more than $300 a year
on maintenance and repair!
Track Name: Little Thing
It’s a tool for every need.
It’s nice to have around.
I like to have it near.
It’s always getting lost.
It’s my favorite little thing
but where can I find it.
Track Name: Wake Up
Wake up, take a piss,
drink some coffee,
smoke a cigarette, get blown,
take a shit, drink more coffee,
smoke a cigarette, get blown!
Watch T.V., eat something,
smoke a cigarette, get blown,
get drunk, fuck someone,
smoke a cigarette, get blown!
Track Name: Users
Some people want more than they’ve got.
They’ll use power to make you follow.
They’ll use money to make us tame.
They’ll use sex to keep our interest.
They’ll use drugs to control our brains.
To make us want what they
want to make us want.
Track Name: Three Headed Puppy
My dog’s in heat, if it gets fucked
I’ll get it blown, deform its pups.
Give her acid, feed her pot,
put some downers in her slop.
My dog’s knocked up and fucked up too,
instead of water I give her brew.
Her stud was into S&M,
tied her to the clothesline for weeks on end.
A few months later the day had come.
I couldn’t believe it a three headed pup,
ate through her skin the ate the other pups.
The A.L.F.’s gonna hate my guts.
Three headed pup in my backyard,
fights with itself to lick its balls.
Growls at the neighbors, barks at the cops,
breaks into my house and eats my pot!
Three headed pup with three minds of its own,
ate through the fence and started to roam.
Chased the dog catcher down the street,
tries to kill everything it meets.
My dog was knocked up I fixed her junk,
gave her ludes deformed her pups.
Now I’m gonna make big bucks,
cuz my dog gave birth to a three headed pup.
Track Name: Nanny Nanny
Liar, liar pants on fire
hanging from the telephone wire.
Nanny, nanny, nanny!
Made you look you dirty crook
you stole your mother’s pocketbook.
Nanny, nanny, nanny!
Track Name: Tweekin'
Too fast, too slow,
too blown, tweekin’.
Fucked up, losing it.
Too tired, too hyped,
too much, tweekin’.
Fucking up, blowing it!
Track Name: Shit Piss Cum
Shit, piss, and cum is what you’ve done.
Shit, piss, and cum all your life.
Shit, piss, and cum is so much fun.
Shit, piss, and cum in your pants.
Shit, piss, and cum let it run.
Shit, piss, and cum down your leg.
Shit, piss, and cum it’s so much fun.
Shit, piss, and cum is what you’ve done.
Shit, piss, and cum all at once.
You’re DEAD!
Track Name: Ugly As Me
I like girls with tree trunk thighs
and little hairy chests.
I like girls three times my size,
that wear thick woolen vests.
Big chested girls just ain’t my kind,
I’ve got a kink for the crippled,
dumb, and blind.
Ugly girls are my cup of tea,
but there ain’t no girl as ugly as me!
Track Name: To Nothing
A buck here, a beer there,
people suck it up.
A ride here, a joint there,
it all adds up ……
A line here, a pill there,
get all fucked up.
A fuck here, some head there,
it all adds up ……
A body here, a city there,
People, blowing up.
A missile here, a laser there,
it all adds up ……
A thought here, an idea there,
but never growing up.
A memory here, a dream there,
it all adds up …… to nothing.
Track Name: Silver Platter
Seems like forever I’ve been alive.
I’m sick of being tired.
Don’t wanna have to work
wanna live for free.
Give it to me!
I want life on a silver platter.
I can’t be bothered.
Don’t wanna have to move.
I’ll just eat what you bring to me.
Seems like forever I’ve been dying.
I’m tired of being sick.
I don’t want to live
I wanna be set free.
Take it from me!
I had life on a silver platter.
That didn’t matter.
Don’t wanna have to move.
My shit is all you’ll take from me.
Track Name: Who Needs
Who needs love
to get drunk and fuck?
I’ve had enough.
Who needs love
when you’ve got drugs?
You don’t.
Who needs love to get it up?
I’ve had enough.
Who needs love when
you can fuck your friends!