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My body’s aching, my mind’s running wild, my lungs are burning, no teeth left to smile. My skins infected, my leg’s bent and bruised, my eyes are nearsighted, I think I’ve been abused. I did it to myself. I can’t blame no one else. I didn’t think long enough, to consider my own health. I don’t wanna care, don’t want responsibility. I just want to live my life to the fullest it can be. My stomach’s aching, my hair’s falling out. My ears are ringing. I think maybe I’ve died!
Hey baby I got clubfoot, hey mama I got clubfoot. Isn’t that neat? I can’t hardly even walk, I can’t even put on socks. Isn’t that neat? I got clubfoot I can hardly walk. I got clubfoot can’t put on socks. I got clubfoot and I can’t get a date I got clubfoot and I’m full of hate!
The rebel and the fascist are in a cold war. Control of your mind is what they’re fighting for. Mass propaganda at the turn of the switch. It’s Radio Cuba and there’s nowhere that it’s missed. It’s futile Fidel, Ronnie can’t loose. It’s futile Fidel, Ronnie’s got the noose. It’s all Radio Cuba and there’s nowhere that it’s missed. It’s all Regan vomit and Fidel sure is pissed. Ronnie and Nancy were listening to the “Red Hoard.” So they hooked up their Sony and talked to the world. They said, “Listen to me and the world will be alright.” “Listen to me and the World will end tonight.”
I wanna do what I want, Not when I’m old. I wanna do it now while I’m young, Before I get to old. I’m gonna make these decisions for myself, Not no one else. But how do I know what’s gonna be best? Wanna live, wanna die, wanna laugh, wanna cry. Wanna do what I want so I can be myself. Don’t wanna follow, wanna lead myself. So I can see who I am and who will really help me out. Sick and tired of their shit, being led to believe, in the end there might be things to benefit our lives. I guess the best feelings that I’ve had deep inside, have been the ones that made it clear I’m not like anybody else.


Early in 1980s a couple of friends, who I would eventually start the bands Corporate Whores and Useless Pieces of Shit with, took me to a bar on 4th Avenue in Tucson, Arizona to see a showcase of bands from Los Angeles which included Black Flag, Minutemen and some others that I can’t remember. (It was a long time ago!) We had just seen the movie, “Decline of Western Civilization” which had introduced me to the West Coast Music Scene for the first time. I was there to see what it was all about. This was the start of my time in the Tucson Hardcore Punk Music Scene and how we came to this point and this compilation. The Backstage was a dive full of drunks by day, but at night they would have the best Punk Rock shows. Every Punk Band in the country that toured through the Southwest usually played at the Backstage. The list is too long and I don’t want to leave anyone out, so I won’t make one. Many Tucson bands cut their teeth at the Backstage. Anyone could book a show and there were many Tucson bands at the time who did just that. The music flourished, but the scene was just a collection of small groups of individuals, hanging out, some just shinning in front of the shows and not paying to go in. There were local bands, but not really a unified scene. Ground zero for the Punk Rock Movement in Tucson was a record store called “Roads to Moscow” run by Lee Joseph. If you made a bunch cassettes of your band, Lee would sell them for you at no charge. The Backstage was home to the Punk Rock Scene until it burned down on June 6, 1983. After that many bands broke up and everyone wrote off the Punk Scene in Tucson. Instead the summer of 1983 was a time of the formation of many new Tucson bands. It also was the beginning of a unified music scene that we all started to call, Tucson Hardcore (THC).


released July 12, 2017

Public Enemy
Civil Death
Rotte Kapelle
Useless Pieces of Shit
the Corporate Whores
the InHuman
Progerian Youth
Opinion Zero

Recorded at different times at several locations
in and around Tucson, Arizona between 1980 and 1985

Compiled & Digitized by Slug Useless
at Disillusioned Studios, Seattle, WA

Cover/Liner Art & Design by Dennis McKeown

©2017 Disillusion Music Label


all rights reserved



Disillusion Music Label Seattle, Washington

Disillusion Music Label started out in 1987 as Disillusion Records and was brought back in 2008 by Slug Useless. It is the home of the music from the artist "Art Vandal."
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